Why Reel Magnolia Media?

It's simple we love what we do. We love videography, we love photography, and we love people.

We have a team of creative professionals that work hard to make sure you get the highest quality service, whether it's for videography or photography. We have degrees in film, communication, and business and we are passionate about creating content that matters to our clients. But most importantly we value your business and your time. 

Our Values

  • Integrity - The character of our products and our business is of the utmost importance to us. No short cuts here.
  • Clarity - When it comes to your product we want to make sure that we portray your vision and communicate effectively with you to produce that result.
  • Creativity - We want to partner with our clients and think outside of the box to ensure that their video is new and fresh.
  • Positivity - No one likes a Negative Nancy, it's that simple.